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 Empower K-12
to be
Tomorrow's Leaders

Class Activity Sessions,  Individual Tutoring,
Day Camps w/ STEM Projects, & Events

Brain Powers Programs Improve:

  • Focus

  • Planning

  • Delayed Gratification

  • Persistence

  • Accountability

  • & More

School Kids Studying In Class

Brain Powers
Advantages & Benefits:

      Our students learn that to get ahead in life, they will need to acquire and develop various life-skills: problem-solving, stress management, time management, multitasking, and logic, and become a more confident version of themselves built to face life's obstacles while having a can-do attitude.

      Students will develop a deeper awareness of themselves, and others, and a deeper situational awareness as well-- to understand cause and effect, and foreseeable consequences to actions in life.  They will acquire abilities needed to rise to the occasion, to think through any situation, and make well-thought out decisions that grant the highest probability for success.

Chess Board and Figures Showing Opening Moves Strategy

Brain Powers Programs

Brain Powers consists of Group Learning Class Activities organized around strategy based table-top games, such as: Chess (and Chess Variants), Various Monopoly versions/themes, and discussions that make learning relevant to students -- featuring game reviews that highlights important life skills and lessons...

We also offer Tutoring in a range of Academic subjects, including: Secondary Languages, Math, and Chess, as well as fun and impactful Full-Day and Half-Day activity camps!

The Brain Powers


      ... is to equip students with skills that will have a profound effect on their overall academic performance.


Brain Powers Students will learn memorization techniques, develop faster thinking, and understand risk analysis.  Our instructors guide students to reflect on mistakes, to turn them into positive learning opportunities and life lessons.  Brain Powers instructors are dedicated to the cause of helping the next generation become empowered to take on any challenge.

Brain Powers combines passionate instructors, FUN table-top gaming experiences that reinforce community and sportsmanship, and engaging lessons that explore and reinforce skills like:  Problem-Solving, Patience, Accountability, Perseverance, and many more!

Brain Powers Declaration of Mission to Better Equip Students With Beneficial Life Skills

Strategy Game Class Activity Sessions

1 Hour, 1.5 Hour, and 2 Hour



Brain Powers offers these popular sessions throughout the North Valley and West Valley; 7 Days a Week!

Our various Class Activity Sessions are available across 7 different locations, within the following time blocks:

Mon - Thurs:    3:30 - 7:30pm

Fridays:    3:30 - 9:00pm

Saturdays:    9am - 9:00pm

Sundays:    9am - 6:00pm


Strategy Game Class

Activity Sessions



Brain Powers

Strategic Learning Center


7th Avenue & Deer Valley --

615 W. Deer Valley Rd

location in North Phoenix.

Classes Available Saturdays

Beginning in May

CALL / TEXT for further details

(more class days TBD)




& "Checkers"

(All 3 in one Class offering)

* Great for 4-5 year olds! *


"SUPER Tic-Tac-Toe"

& "Go" (Connect 5)

* Great for Kinder-3rd Graders! *


Themed Monopoly:

"Junior", "Original", "Star Wars",

"Disney Princess"


* Great for money management, investing, and learning the difference between "face value" and "relative value" *

Rated Tournaments & Practice Events


On Fridays--


NOTE: Capacity Limitations!

Advance Registration Required!


Call/Text/Email to inquire about sign-up.


If availability for your specific Friday(s) of interest, address will be confirmed.  This procedure is designed to best ensure advance registration, on-time start. 


101 & 59th Avenue:

USCF Rated Tournaments


* Arrival by 4:45pm STRONGLY recommended! *

Non-Rated Tournament-Practice Class Hours:


* 1, 2, or 3 hours! *

NOTE: Capacity Limitations!

Advance Registration Required!


Call/Text/Email to inquire about sign-up.


If availability for your specific Friday(s) of interest, address will be confirmed.  This procedure is designed to best ensure advance registration, on-time start. 


(101 & Glendale Ave [Westgate])

Non-Rated Tournament-Practice Class Hours:


* 1, 2, or 3 hours! *

Brain Powers Add'l Services

In addition to our flagship Class Activity Sessions organized around strategy based table-top games boasting academic virtues and long-term skills benefits,


...we are offering  fun and impactful  Full-Day and Half-Day activity camps (Summer & Weekends!), as well as Tutoring in a range of Academic subjects, including: Chess, Secondary Languages, Chemistry, and Math!

Learn More Here about our Day Camp offerings now seating and our Tutoring services; continue even further to a detailed breakdown of our Daily Camp Itinerary for our Day Camps which students can't get enough of!

NEW!  Featuring a revolutionary Futurist STEM topic class boasting 100% student return!  First-time attending Students are eager for more!

Inquire for details.

Brain Blueprint Illustration
Helping Tutor

Why Parents Love Our Innovative Program

Green Board
Want to see if we're a good fit for you?  Get a free consultation.

Call, Text, or Contact

Our programs are receiving rave reviews, and you may be pleasantly surprised to experience your student's positive interest and engagement in our recurring Applied Learning activity sessions! 


We welcome the opportunity to connect with you -- engage us via your preferred communication method to assist you with info on our programs or help address any questions you may have.

- Brain Powers LLC

 CALL / TEXT (623) 321-4123



Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about Brain Powers updates!

Alright!  Welcome to knowing!

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  • Who can participate in Brain Powers Programs?
    Brain Powers offerings are available for multiple audiences! K-12 Youth offerings include Group Activity Sessions and Small Group & Private Tutoring, as well as Tournaments & Events. 55+ Active Seniors offerings include Group Activity Sessions. 18-54 Adult offerings include Private Tutoring by appointment only.
  • What days are Brain Powers Programs available?
    K-12 offerings are available Mon-Thurs between 3pm-8pm; Fridays between 2pm-8pm; and Saturdays from 9am-9pm ! Additionally, we offer a 55+ Active Seniors program on Sundays between 9am-7pm !
  • What is the pricing for Brain Powers Programs?
    Brain Powers pricing is designed to offer flexibility and value for families and individuals. Group Activity Sessions are available as single-session trial, as well as 4-session (1-month) packages and 12-session (3-month) bundles, with those activities designed as a weekly routine attendance. Other offerings, such as Tournaments & Events as well as Small Group & Private Tutoring, are available as single sessions or 4-session packages, to be used at your convenience. Pricing varies by location. Please call Brain Powers at (623) 321-4123 to learn relevant details based on days/locations convenient for your participation!
  • Can we try a Brain Powers class activity / event / tournament for free? I'm not sure if my student(s) will like it.
    Naturally, these are understandable questions! While we don't provide free trials of class activities/events/tournaments -- we do offer a FREE "Power Hour" with one of our instructors, where a student will have the instructor's undivided attention during which they will work with the student to help them recognize the value of an extra-curricular program designed to give them additional advantages over their peers in areas such as critical thinking, memory, focus, patience, resilience, accountability, and SO much more. The VAST majority of students as young as 5 leave a Power Hour feeling excited, passionate, and eager to come back and learn more.
  • How do we sign up for a Brain Powers Program offering?
    Please call Brain Powers at (623) 321-4123 to discuss and arrange your sign up or enrollment to the Program of your choice! An experienced, patient, and knowledgeable Guidance Counselor can assist you with sign up, and/or get you set up with a FREE "Power Hour"! Alternatively, in addition to presenting an overview of our programs, our website allows you to submit a Consultation/Scheduling Request online form so we can reach back out by phone to speak at a time convenient for you!
  • How do I make payment for Brain Powers Program enrollment?
    The best (and currently only) way to enroll and make payment is to Call Brain Powers directly at (623) 321-4123 to ensure enrollment is best suited for the student. We will send you an invoice via QuickBooks to your e-mail that will enable you to pay directly via a link within the invoice.
  • What if, for whatever reason, an absence is necessary... What happens to the paid enrollment?
    Brain Powers understands an unexpected illness or unforeseen challenge may arise which would lead to absence from a planned Session! We are happy to provide a "make-up credit" on your account, which you can use in the future-- however, we require that you inform us with notice prior to the scheduled start time.
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