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Logo outline of human brain, combined with superscript 'Plus'  and words Brain Powers.


Welcome!  We're glad you were invited here!

Bring the referral card that led you here, and redeem it for a  COMPLIMENTARY  first session experience with Brain Powers!

Meet us at the designated time:  

 .  .  .at various public Libraries, Rec & Civic Centers, & more

 .  .  .or at our BRAIN POWERS Strategic Learning Center!

(see our Locations, Days, Times page ... link below)

Our Class-Activity Sessions are so fun and brain-expanding, that we are confident that YOUR student  will  want to come back and continue learning!

...newly launched sessions available, enrolling now!

...wait-lists building for class day/times that are not yet launched and listed!

Over 90% monthly student re-enrollment, leading to over 40% new student enrollment growth since January 1, 2024.

Brain Powers Programs

Brain Powers consists of Class Activity Sessions organized around strategy based table-top games.

We also offer Tutoring in a range of Academic subjects, including: Secondary Languages, Math, and Chess, as well as fun and impactful Full-Day and Half-Day activity camps!

Preparing for the Future

Students are learning to get ahead in life by acquiring and developing: problem-solving, stress management, and logic, for ability to confidently face obstacles with can-do attitudes.

Emphasis on big picture thinking with awareness of individual variables empowers students for achievement.

Strategy Game Class Activity Sessions

Brain Powers currently offers sessions throughout the North and West Valley, 7 Days a Week!

Our various Class Activity Sessions are available across 7 different locations, within the following time blocks:

Mon - Thurs:    3:30 - 7:30pm

Fridays:    3:30 - 9:00pm

Saturdays:    9am - 9:00pm

Sundays:    9am - 6:00pm

NEW!   Exclusive expanded offerings are now being launched at our newly opened

Brain Powers

Strategic Learning Center

location in North Phoenix.

This newly added location will be offering abundant session options daily, as well as hosting Summer Day Camps!




And, these expanded offerings are in addition to our flagship class sessions continuing to be held at the various existing Public Libraries locations!



We are excited to hear from you which days/times will be most preferred in your family schedules!

Session Details
Locations / Times

     TO ADVANCE TO OUR MAIN WEBSITE, where you can gain an informed perspective on our philosophy and launch a menu of Class Activity Sessions offerings by Location, as well as information on our K-12 Summer "Brain Training" Day Camps . . .



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Alright!  Welcome to knowing!

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